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Annabelle Creation 0

Annabelle: Creation

I’m a big fan of The Conjuring. It’s easily one of my favourite scary movies in recent years, successfully hitting the right notes for me when it comes to big...

It Comes At Night 0

It Comes At Night

I headed into ‘It Comes At Night’ in a similar way to when I saw ‘Get Out‘ a few months back – having seen a lot of positive four or...

Alien Covenant 0

Alien: Covenant

I caught Alien Covenant last night as part of an ‘Alien Superticket’ – this covered a double screening on Alien Day (April 26th) of the directors cut of Alien, preceded...

Life 1

Life (2017)

Beginning with a slow, anti-gravity tour of the International Space Station we are introduced to the six human stars of Life. It’s an impressive introduction, reminiscent of the Oscar winning...

Get Out 1

Get Out

Amazingly, I managed to head into Get Out having not even seen the trailer. It had been appearing more and more frequently on my news feeds recently, usually accompanied by...

Train to Busan 0

Train to Busan

Taking the very simple concept of ‘zombies on a train’, this isn’t just one of the best zombie movies I’ve ever seen, it’s one of the best movies I’ve seen...

King Ezekiel 0

The Walking Dead S07E02

A sharp tonal shift from the continuous onslaught of terror and gut wrenching heartbreak in last weeks episode. This week, Carol and Morgan find themselves at The Kingdom, another idyllic...

As Above So Below 0

As Above So Below

Scarlett is a modern day Indiana Jones, a student of history and alchemy who likes to play at being tomb raider. The movie begins with her in Iran, investigating some...

Wolf Creek 0

Wolf Creek

The Australian horror movies get a TV update.

Lights Out 0

Lights Out

You’ll want to keep the lights firmly on after watching this one…