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It Comes At Night 0

It Comes At Night

I headed into ‘It Comes At Night’ in a similar way to when I saw ‘Get Out‘ a few months back – having seen a lot of positive four or...


American Gods S01E04

So, I’ve gone from absolutely hating American Gods after episode 1, to absolutely loving it after episode 4!

American Gods 1

American Gods S01E01

I haven’t read the book, which probably explains why I hated this so much. Throwing stylised imagery, slow-mo bloody violence and sex at a viewer will only get you so...

Get Out 1

Get Out

Amazingly, I managed to head into Get Out having not even seen the trailer. It had been appearing more and more frequently on my news feeds recently, usually accompanied by...

The OA 0

The OA

I finally got the chance to watch the final two episodes of The OA yesterday. After its Netflix debut on December 16, and following only a brief mysterious trailer the...

Arrival 0


The past few months have seen wave after wave of five star reviews for Arrival following its various festival screenings. All of them offering such high praise as ‘a sci-fi...

As Above So Below 0

As Above So Below

Scarlett is a modern day Indiana Jones, a student of history and alchemy who likes to play at being tomb raider. The movie begins with her in Iran, investigating some...

The Conjuring 2 0

The Conjuring 2

Back in 2013, The Conjuring was like a breath of fresh air. Despite being similar on paper to so many other ghost films of its kind, there was something about...

Triangle 0


After revisiting ‘Timecrimes’ recently, I was reminded of a another movie that I originally watched around the same time and which seems similar in a lot of ways – Triangle....

Timecrimes 1


Probably the best time travel movie that isn’t Back to the Future. It’s been a while since I first watched ‘Timecrimes’ (the English title for this Spanish movie) but repeat...