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The Purge Season 1 0

The Purge Season 1

I’ve only seen two out of the four movies in the Purge series, so haven’t quite yet reached the levels of Purge fatigue that others may be experiencing by now....

The Haunting of Hill House 0

The Haunting of Hill House

I’m not familiar with the book that this Netflix show is based on, but then from what I understand this is meant to be more a ‘remix’ of the book...

Final Space 0

Final Space: Season 1

Final Space flashed up a few times as a recommended for me show on Netflix. As the trailer automatically played, it came across as some kind of Futurama/Rick and Morty...

Cloak and Dagger 0

Cloak & Dagger: Season 1

While I’m a massive fan of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, I never really seem to get on so well with the Marvel TV shows. I get bored, frustrated or just...

Master of None 0

Master of None: Season 2

It’s taken me a long time to catch up on season 2 of Master of None but I’m so glad I finally did. Season 1 didn’t really grab me as...

Preacher Mumbai Sky Tower 0

Preacher S02E02

So, Cassidy wonders if The Saint Of Killers is some kind of Terminator… Well, after yet another impressive opening scene, you’d be forgiven for thinking as much.

Preacher 0

Preacher S02E01

I just read through my review of the episodes for season one of Preacher. Similar to American Gods this year, there were plenty of times when Preacher confused and annoyed me too. Starting off strong, then struggling for far too many episodes before finally building up to a glorious finale.


American Gods S01E04

So, I’ve gone from absolutely hating American Gods after episode 1, to absolutely loving it after episode 4!

American Gods 0

American Gods S01E01

I haven’t read the book, which probably explains why I hated this so much. Throwing stylised imagery, slow-mo bloody violence and sex at a viewer will only get you so...

Better Call Saul 0

Better Call Saul S03E02

Spoiler Warning… When Mike spends most of the night tracking the guy that’s been tracking him and the camera pans up to reveal that his search has led him to...