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Searching 0


As David Kim (John Cho) searches for his missing daughter, the investigation and discussions he has with others all unfolds before our eyes. Taking place entirely on computer and mobile...

The Nun 0

The Nun

I’m a big fan of The Conjuring movies. The original is one of my favourite scary movies, and while I enjoyed the sequel, for me it just didn’t live up...

Hereditary 0


I’ve just left the cinema having seen the highly anticipated movie Hereditary and I’m in shock. Not because it’s scary, or unsettling, or any of the other things that so...

Murder on the Orient Express 0

Murder on the Orient Express (2017)

This review is possibly a little unfair, as I actually managed to fall asleep watching Murder On The Orient Express. In a busy cinema, early evening on a Sunday. I’ve...

Happy Death Day 0

Happy Death Day

It’s not that scary, and there’s no real blood or gore for die hard horror fans to enjoy, but Happy Death Day – the latest offering from Blumhouse Productions –...

Annabelle Creation 0

Annabelle: Creation

I’m a big fan of The Conjuring. It’s easily one of my favourite scary movies in recent years, successfully hitting the right notes for me when it comes to big...

It Comes At Night 0

It Comes At Night

I headed into ‘It Comes At Night’ in a similar way to when I saw ‘Get Out‘ a few months back – having seen a lot of positive four or...


American Gods S01E04

So, I’ve gone from absolutely hating American Gods after episode 1, to absolutely loving it after episode 4!

American Gods 0

American Gods S01E01

I haven’t read the book, which probably explains why I hated this so much. Throwing stylised imagery, slow-mo bloody violence and sex at a viewer will only get you so...

Get Out 0

Get Out

Amazingly, I managed to head into Get Out having not even seen the trailer. It had been appearing more and more frequently on my news feeds recently, usually accompanied by...