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Hotel Artemis 0

Hotel Artemis

This review is probably a little unfair in that I actually managed to fall asleep for the last 20 minutes of the movie! It was a very hot cinema, comfortable...

A Quiet Place 0

A Quiet Place

We’re on day 79 of what we assume is some kind of apocalyptic event. A general store is deserted, without power, and in a complete mess. A man and his...

Happy Death Day 0

Happy Death Day

It’s not that scary, and there’s no real blood or gore for die hard horror fans to enjoy, but Happy Death Day – the latest offering from Blumhouse Productions –...

Annabelle Creation 0

Annabelle: Creation

I’m a big fan of The Conjuring. It’s easily one of my favourite scary movies in recent years, successfully hitting the right notes for me when it comes to big...

Baby Driver 0

Baby Driver

Last night’s screening of Baby Driver opened with an introduction from its director, Edgar Wright. The intro was replayed again immediately after he’d finished, due to some kind of projection...

Alien Covenant 0

Alien: Covenant

I caught Alien Covenant last night as part of an ‘Alien Superticket’ – this covered a double screening on Alien Day (April 26th) of the directors cut of Alien, preceded...

Life 1

Life (2017)

Beginning with a slow, anti-gravity tour of the International Space Station we are introduced to the six human stars of Life. It’s an impressive introduction, reminiscent of the Oscar winning...

John Wick 0

John Wick: Chapter 2

I absolutely loved the first John Wick movie. Brimming with originality, breathing fresh new life into the action genre and giving Keanu Reeves the kind of seriously cool role he...

Black Mirror San Junipero 0

Black Mirror S03E04

It’s 1987, and we’re in San Junipero – a party town on a Saturday night. A convertible pulls up to a fast food joint with Belinda Carlisle’s ‘Heaven is a place on earth’ playing on the stereo.

Black Mirror Shut Up And Dance 0

Black Mirror S03E03

If you’ve ever been the subject of some kind of identity or credit card data theft, you’ll know the scary sickening feeling that accompanies the discovery and the hassle of trying to put everything right.